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Rehabilitation Therapy/
OM Acupuncture Instructor

Teach rehabilitation medicine therapy. MA req.
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Individuals with renotonia body type (constitution) experience habitual constipation. Having bowel movement only once every three to seven days does not cause them any discomfort. Furthermore, throughout their lives these individuals never have diarrhea. The disease that is specific to this constitution is sunstroke, which is rarely experienced by individuals who have other constitutions. Therefore, perspiring is harmful for individuals with the renotonia body type (constitution).


Vesicotonia individuals are susceptible to gastric atony and gastroptosis. They remain healthy if they eat small amount of food at each meal; even a normal amount of food for others can be excessive for them. For these individuals, the first sign of an unhealthy condition is an uneasy feeling in the stomach. Their feces tend to be mushy, and they are easily exhausted after having diarrhea. All the diseases that are contracted by these individuals start from the right side of their body. Barley and pork act like poisons to their health.

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