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Rehabilitation Therapy/
OM Acupuncture Instructor

Teach rehabilitation medicine therapy. MA req.
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This individual's health is so directly related to its tendency to be quick-tempered that its health practice should always be to keep his poise and not to hurry. Although this constitution has strong digestive system, individuals with pancreotonia body type (constitution) should avoid foods that doesn't suit their constitution. Especially, alcohol and cold baths are detrimental to their health.


Gastrotonia individuals are rare. These are individuals who go into shock from ingesting penicillin. They do not get minor ailments and hate going to the doctor. The right side of their body is relatively weak. They are characterized by the symptom of constipation. They usually have bowel movement every two days, but some of them have bowel movement only once every three to seven days, and they do not experience pain from constipation. When they are in good health, they do not sweat much, but when they are not healthy, they sweat excessively.

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