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Rehabilitation Therapy/
OM Acupuncture Instructor

Teach rehabilitation medicine therapy. MA req.
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Hepatonia individuals are healthy when they sweat a lot, however when they are weak, they do not sweat. Their body feels lighter when they sweat from various activities; that is because their constitution requires a lot of perspiration. Therefore, enjoying hot baths all the time is a good practice for their health. Mountain hiking and moderate speaking is good, and having higher blood pressure than normal is a healthy state to their health.


These individuals have bowel movements frequently, but this symptom has nothing to do with the condition of their health. When they are not healthy, they experience certain conditions such as an uneasy feeling around their navel area, low body temperature and sleeping problems. Because they have weak emotions, they are easily affected by other people's words. They are quick-tempered but not stubborn. The right side of their body is relatively weak. Their stomach feels upset when they eat vegetables and fish.

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