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A. Colonotonia - Strong Colon/Weak Gallbladder (Mr. Kim's son)

Not too long after he was born, my son had suffered from atopic skin (About 20% of the population have the inherited condition called atopy, which can lead to various degrees of dry skin or even eczema.) It was terrible to watch my little baby crying everyday. The symptom seemed to be getting better, but when he turned five, condition was getting much worse. He was not able to fall asleep because it was itchy all over his body. He took many sorts of medications that eventually weakened his health.
No winter had he passed by without catching a cold. Discontinuing medication was not an option because it was terribly itchy. One day, I had come across an article about the 8-Body-Type Center, an Oriental medical clinic on a newspaper. By following the doctor's advice on types of food that my son had to avoid and receiving electronic acupuncture treatment and taking herbal tea, my son is now clean and free from atopy symptom. I regret that I had not known this treatment years ago.

B. Pancreotonia - Strong Pancreas/Weak Kidney (Ms. Park)

I have been married for four year yet am without a child. I saw OB/GYN doctor and was told that there was a tumor in the womb that surgery was inevitable. I felt awful when the doctor told me that having a baby might not be possible after the surgery.
I have come to know the 8-Body-Type oriental medicine center and have been treated through acupuncture, herbal tea accompanying with recommended diet for my body type. After a few months later, I finally was able to give birth to a beautiful child. Thank you, 8 body type!

C. Hepatonia - Strong Liver/Weak Lungs (Mr. Shin)

When invited, my favorite dish was sashimi (raw fish). It was such a pleasure having a mouthful burrito of fresh raw fish inside green lettuce. Few years later, however, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and rheumatism. No medication or good food helped a bit.
Finally, I was advised to have my knee bone to be replaced with iron. I thought it was the end of the world. By following doctor's advice at the 8-Body-Type center, I am now well again. To my surprise, I found out that my chronic fatigue syndrome was from my favorite food, sashimi. By observing strict recommended diet, now I am free from my chronic fatigue although I still crave for sashimi.

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