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  • Do you ever wonder what is happening in your blood?
  • What if your blood is in this kind of condition?
  • Condition of your blood? Verify it with your own eyes!
  • The condition of your blood is the condition of your health.
  • Polluted blood: root of all diseases.

We at the 8 Body Type Research & Acupuncture, collect small amount of blood from each patient to accurately assess and diagnose one's health condition based on visual analysis on the red, white cells in the blood. Health condition in the blood is primarily caused by inappropriate diet overlooking one's body type.

Normal Blood Cell

is a roll of red blood cells resembling a pile of coins. It becomes obvious that the surface of the red blood cells is greatly reduced with this type of condition. As such, the transportation of oxygen is drastically hindered. Symptoms are fatigue, poor digestion, and possible edema.

are small red blood cells having a diameter of less than 5 microns. These red blood cells usually contain less hemoglobin than normal cells and thus have a decreased cell volume. Microcytes are frequently seen with iron deficiency anemia.

are large red blood cells greater than 10 microns. (The average red blood cell is 7.2 microns). These cells are found in great numbers with hemolytic anemia.

are irregularly spiculated erythrocyte of normal or slightly reduced size, with 3 to 12 spicules of varying lengths along the periphery of the cell membrane. These are seen in congenital abetalipoproteinemia, hemolytic anemia, hepatitis of the newborn, vitamin E deficiency, and hypercholesterolemia. The occurrence of Acanthocytes suggests malfunction of the liver and spleen which contribute to cell membrane maintenance.

Thrombocyte Aggregation
A Thrombocyte is a blood platelet. The platelet is a small disk or plate-like structure, a small formed element in the blood. In normal circulation the platelets exist as separate particles which are kept apart by repulsive forces. Thrombocyte aggregation causes problems in the circulatory system. They may lead to clot formation which can result in strokes and/or heart attacks.

Spicules (Fibrin)
are platelets which have mutated from their normal disc shape to needle-like projections giving the appearance of "cracked glass." They can be considered "heavy proteins" in the blood and are usually seen in liver stress from poor digestion. Liver stress may also be the result of excessive use of drugs or alcohol or a slowing down of liver function due to fat build-up.

plaque aggregation causes problems in the circulatory system

This is a granular leukocyte with a nucleus that usually has two lobes connected by a thread of chromatin and cytoplasm. Eosinophils are increased in allergy and parasitic involvement and this includes food allergies. They also increase for drug detox, chemical detox, bone bruises, women's periods, any kind of irritation or inflammation, arthritis, and degenerative diseases.

or mycoplasma is an embryonic bacteria in the blood that appears round and has a hole creating a donut appearance. Mesosomes or mycoplasma may be seen as a condition of low immunity, frequent colds, high blood sugar and/or junk foods, and thousands of other both physical and mental difficulties.

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