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About 8 BodyType Acupuncture

Eight Constitutional Medicine founded by Dr. Do-won Kwon is the medicine which has complemented and developed from Dr. Je-ma Lee's Medicine of Four Body Type.

The Medical Science of Four Types discerns a patient's body constitution merely by observing his outward appearance or physical characteristics and treats him only by administering herbal medicine; hence, it does not produce remarkable results.

However, the Eight Constitutional Medicine accurately discerns a patient's body type by taking his pulse and treats him by using both herbal medicine and acupunctural treatment.

With its excellent clinical effectiveness, the Eight Constitutional Medicine has opened a new era in the eastern medicine and is regarded as a gift from God. In this light, our clinic devotes an extensive amount of time to discerning a patient's body type.

If you discern which body type you belong to, receive the constitutional acupunctural treatment, and follow a diet according to your body type, you can maintain good health. Having treated various incurable diseases such as cancer for a considerable amount of time, I came to a conclusion that more than 70% of diseases are caused by inappropriate diet, besides other different factors. In this era in which polluted or genetically modified food abounds, without knowing one's own body constitution, it is nearly impossible to maintain good health. Accurate discernment of one's body constitution is the only way to prevent cancers.

Peter Yoon / Licensed LAc
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