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8 Constitutional Medicine Treatment

Similar diseases or symptoms may have totally different causes according to one's body type. Different diagnosis and treatment are required based on body types. Inherited body types, eating habits, hobbies, or careers are usually main causes of diseases. As such, proper diagnosis based on one's body types must be considered to treat various types of illnesses.

Are all types of food benefiting me?

The reason why each person shows different reaction to different kinds of food or medication is due to one's body type, the physical constitution. In other words, some food or medications that might have had wonderful result on one person may not benefit another; they may even be harmful to another. Therefore, there is no "panacea" which cures all for everyone. Some may work well on some people and others may work not as well or even harm one's health.

Which body type am I then?

I have uncomfortable stomach after eating meat.
I get sour burp after having orange or apple juice.
I have diarrhea after having melon.
I get dizzy and tired after sauna.
I have upset stomach after drinking milk.
It is difficult to fall asleep after having coffee.
I have stomachache after having food made of wheat flour

The 17th International Natural Medicine Symposium in 1995
Key lecture 3, (Eight Constitutional Medicine and Diet 1)
Dr. Do Won Kwon, Director of Dawnting Cancer Research Institute

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